31 Oct

As laser surveying capture huge amounts of data in such a Limited time, we are able to quickly and accurately model out 3D Plant Models, using systems such as Autodesk Plant 3D, which allows us to model out specific pipework in catalogues such as ASME with piping specs like CS150.

Once modelled you have the automated processing of exporting a full range of piping isometrics, fully dimensioned and with a full list of bill of materials if required. Isometrics are all customized around our client’s standards including drawing sizes and borders.

More and more of our clients are moving over from piping isometrics to piping orthographics, due to a whole range of reasons, including the fact they are a lot easier to read as they are basically a 2D snapshot from the 3D model, they also can hold a a lot more information including surrounding features like bund walls, steel work and local equipment. The biggest reason is the fact they reduce the amount of paper as we usually require 10% of the required isometrics total sheets.

Once finished remember, you will be left with a fully functioning 3D model, which can later be used for projects such as project work, clash detection and asset / document management integration; we are also able to export our models into programs such as Navisworks enabling you to freely access, measure and mark-up your models using free software.



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