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Lizard NDE Ltd’s Advanced Non-Destructive Testing technology provides for uncompromising performance whether your need is for AC Field Measurement, Electromagnetic Array (EMA), advanced Lizard® Field Gradient Imaging (FGI) or classic Eddy Current inspection regimes.

Subsea 4We at Lizard NDE believe that the inspection of high quality assets deserves the ultimate in defect capture confidence. Our Lizard® technology enables the acquisition and interpretation of surface or very near surface breaking defects using the latest in Alternating Current Field Measurement technology combined with the addition of phase plane impedance information from each sensor element of the array in a single pass.

The addition of real-time phase plane impedance results per sensor utilised in the array (both for Bx and Bz) allows the Lizard® technology to optimise the responses from the Alternating Current Field Measurement sensors. This feature enables, for example, lift off correction to reduce the effect of probe handling issues whilst also providing for increased verification of defect identifications allowing for absolute confidence of inspection results.

Since eddy current impedance data has been the bedrock of electromagnetic array technology we believe it should be embraced alongside the modern approaches as a trusted and valuable addition to the data set. By including responses from each sensor element in real time the user can feel at ease that the most comprehensive collection of data has been achieved with every probe sweep, whether the requirement is for topside or subsea applications.

For many years the market has searched for an alternative. Now the alternative is very real with more prestigious operations world-wide experiencing the many benefits that the Lizard® technology provides for a demanding and challenging environment.

Subsea 1Lizard NDE Ltd can provide the Lizard® Advanced NDT technology in a form that allows for the subsea deployment of sensors, either for application by diver or for robotically deployed methods. Choose from a suite of different geometric standard sensors covering most common applications or alternatively contact Lizard for bespoke sensor creation using our unique 2 dimensional Lizard® FGI technology.

Options for deployment offshore are provided by way of either the Lizard® full Dive system (pressurised local interface) or by way of the Lizard®  ‘Splash’ extension cable option to operate in conjunction with the standard Lizard® M8 system. This addition provides for the ability to operate a Lizard® subsea sensor up to 200M from the host Lizard M8 system, including the ability to switch Lizard sensor types at depth without the requirement for retrieval.

The Lizard® technology remains constant for topside or subsea use, as such the proven benefits of the Lizard® can be applied for subsea activities as a front line approach. In addition, since the technology remains constant, there is no requirement for additional training to operate the subsea elements of the Lizard® technology for a successful campaign.

Subsea 2The full Lizard Dive system is provided by way of a pressurised housing with local connections for standard Lizard® subsea sensors. Capable of integration with ROV and other robotic manipulation systems, the Lizard® Dive also feature the unique facet switching option for use with the latest Lizard® sensor, the LP180SR, a sensor specifically developed for the inspection of subsea applications by way of robotic deployment.

Featuring a 12 channel sensor array (6 Bx + 6 Bz), the brand new LP180SR is the ideal tool for subsea inspection. Featuring an incredible 8mm of lift off support, double lift off indicators and the ability to perform scan sweeps at a low passage rate with replay of data such that manipulation requirements are reduced. When used in conjunction with the Lizard® Dive system the LP180SR has the ability to switch interrogating facets, further reducing the manipulation requirements to, for example, address adjacent welds.

Compliant with EN1711, EN473, ASTM E2261-07/E2261/E2261M−12 inspection work with training courses available world-wide, the Lizard® is now in use frontline for many blue chip clients as the preferred system of choice.

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