21 Apr

Automated Detection Technology software from VeriPhase® works with OmniScan® flaw detectors to quickly process encoded phased array weld data. Once the data is processed, a prepopulated indication table is sent directly to OmniPC software with all relevant position and sizing readings to assist you in your analysis.

Combining Automated Detection Technology (ADT) software and OmniScan flaw detectors:

  • Significantly reduces your analysis time
  • Helps improve the detection rate and reliability
  • Provides high-quality data that’s code compliant
  • Enhances your inspection workflow


Fast and Reliable

Phased array flaw detectors collect massive amounts of encoded data very quickly, potentially creating an analysis bottleneck in your workflow.

ADT software processes inspection data files by automatically isolating and sizing indications for you to analyze. The software automatically assesses the data’s quality, including checks for loss of couplant and loss of data.

  • Results are sent directly to the indication table in OmniPC software
  • Suitable for primary and secondary data review
  • Automatic indication length and height sizing



The software can process single or multiple group files in seconds, producing a detailed data quality report and indication list. When you select an indication from the list, the software will automatically adjust the view and cursors for quick final disposition. It’s easy to update or delete indications from the list.

  • Fast file processing
  • Easy to use without a lot of training
  • Click and Fly to indication feature for quick disposition

Detailed Reporting

Whether you’re using the software during primary inspection or post-inspection review, it provides you valuable information in a clear, concise format. The detailed quality report helps you to validate your setup parameters, spot data quality issues, and separate listings of populated indications by group.

  • Indication list for all groups analyzed
  • Quickly confirm you’re using the correct settings
  • Verify the quality of your data
  • S-scan and C-scan plotting for all indications


Learn more about Automated Detection Technology software from VeriPhase® here: veriphase.net