PIPA Pipepod Hydrostatic™ New Pipeline Leak Locator System

The Pipepod Hydrostatic

Internal acoustic technology is fast becoming the most reliable technique of accurately tracing leaks on large diameter pipelines. The PIPA Pipepod Hydrostatic system is a failsafe for all new pipe installation projects by incorporating the non-degradable Pipeline™ cable into the pipeline installation process. This in turns allows the contractor to have the capability of pulling technology through the pipeline not only in the event of a failed hydrostatic test, but also for future use over the preceding years. Alternatively the cable can be installed using a tethered swab approach post pipe installation. The system is designed for pulling through a hydrophone capsule and recording acoustic patterns within a fully pressurised pipe at 16 bar test pressure. The system also records accurate distance data for leak identification to be located along the buried pipe.

Pipe Configuration Illustration 

2KM Range

System Set up

The delivery chambers are installed onto 2 DN80 valves or through bore hydrants (if using hydrants the second chamber is not required) spaced up to a distance of 2000 metres; these may be strategic risers, or a future hydrant or air release valve point. A hydrophone capsule the Pipepod™ is fitted to the Pipeline™ cable, the capsule is powered up and the acoustic recording begins. The 2 isolation valves are opened in sequence and the Pipepod™ capsule is drawn through the pipeline utilising the motorised winch system until it reaches the exit valve. The receiving chamber is then depressurised and the capsule removed for data download. The recorded data is then analysed in a controlled environment, and scanned through using PIPA software to determine any acoustic interest detected. The distance can then be calculated from the entry to exit point to determine accurate leak location. This unique system offers the contractor a full leakage sweep service after pipelines have been installed, backfilled and reinstated.

Product illustration showing post analysis of the acoustic data 

System Contents

  • 2 x 2000 metres of Pipeline™ (Polypropylene coated 2 mm galvanised steel draw wire)
  • 2 cable delivery/receiver drums and stands
  • Motorised cable drum
  • Battery power pack
  • Distance encoder unit
  • 1 Ruggedized display unit and USB capture recording device
  • 2 stainless steel delivery/receiver chambers with pressure gauges
  • Tripod and cable wheel
  • 2 DN80 stainless steel seal plates and glands
  • Complete connection kit, crimping tool and crimps (50)
  • PipepodTM acoustic recording capsule
  • Training package
  • During a leak survey several leaks can accurately be identified on a pipeline, and with one single leakage sweep of the technology. Once the pipeline has been repaired and the testing is successful, the Pipeline™ cable can be removed and reutilised on other projects, or alternatively a secondary wire is pulled through during a survey, and remains in the pipeline as an ongoing technology insertion system. The Pipeline™ is highly recommended in high risk areas for example under rivers or train crossings.

The Pipepod Hydrostatic™ is an industry changing PIPA product designed and manufactured in the UK available for global sale, lease or as a service delivery.

For more information on the Pipepod Hydrostatic™ system please contact: sales@pipa-uk.com


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