Stationary Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement.


Pipes in industrial environments are generally exposed to typical signs of wear such as abrasion or corrosion, leading to a constant decrease of the wall thickness. To meet the high safety requirements in refineries, chemical plants and power stations, the wall thickness of pipes has to be checked regularly. The measurement points are often difficult to reach and lifting platforms or scaffolding are necessary for the manual testing procedure. In addition, the pipe insulation and other jackets have to be stripped off and replaced after every testing process. This generates significant costs for the plant operator. The permanent installation of a stationary measuring solution could dramatically minimize these expenditures. Once the sensors are installed, the operator can easily access a terminal box with a flaw detector such as the SONOSCREEN ST10 to check the respective wall thickness. The number of sensors usually depends on the pipe diameter and can be selected according to the exact needs of the customer. The SONOWALL S is a smart and extremely reliable solution to efficiently perform frequent wall thickness inspections at pipes.

  • Only one-time installation costs, high expenditures for further measurement procedures can be saved  Precise and reproducible measurement
  • Shorter measurement intervals and a higher number of measurement points can increase the safety
  • Adaptable for a wide range of pipe diameters, materials and wall thicknesses
    Easy and fast data readout and documentation


Pipe temperature

-20 °C to +70 °C
Typical outer diameter Approx. 150 mm up to 1 000 mm
Wall thickness of pipe Down to 3 mm
Pipe material Typically steel or stainless steel
Number of probes per

measurement location

1 to 32  (depending on pipe diameter)


Connection cable to terminal box Max. 10 m coaxial cable  (others on request)
Protection class Probes IP67 Terminal box: IP54


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