Videoscope – IPLEX G Lite

The videoscope’s ergonomics and ruggedness are complemented by thoughtful features that help make your inspections fast and efficient.

Responsive Joystick, Precise Movements
Responsive TrueFeel articulation enables you to control the scope’s tip with precise movement so that you can navigate to your target area quickly.


Smart video recording

Record still image and video simultaneously
With the push of a button, you can capture still images while recording a video.

Add bookmarks to save time during video reviews and find critical moments quickly.

Constant video
Never lose critical inspection recordings. The videoscope automatically records the last 30 minutes of your inspection even if you forget to press the record button.

Drain oil, save time
Sometimes inspection needs to be stopped for wiping off oil attached to the lens. The grooves on the oil clearing tip adapter drain unnecessary oil quickly and image keeps clean and visible, preventing your inspection being suspended.

Left: Standard tip adaptor, Right: Oil clearing tip adaptor

Live streaming inspection
By using recommended USB wireless LAN adapter, images can be shared among multiple people with a tablet during the inspection. It makes easy to diagnose with other experts.
Olympus IPLEX Image Share App is available on App Store to share live inspection images and videos using compatible iOS devices.

Create Reports in Minutes

InHelp inspection assist software helps you organize inspection media and simplify report generation.

On your videoscope: Create customized workflow to streamline your inspection

On your PC: Generate inspection reports using customisable templates

Other features for “Fast & easy”

Touch panel operation
Illuminated buttons for dark environment
Audio in/out plug

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