CIVA HP window1
23 Dec
CIVA 2017:Discover the latest release of the reference simulation and analysis softwarefor NDE.

The new version of the renowned CIVA simulation software, dedicated to NDT and distributed by EXTENDE, is now available. There are many benefits of such a tool, including using simulation to minimize the costs of NDT inspections. It comes with numerous new capabilities both on the simulation and the UT analysis sides including:  the introduction of a library of industrial UT transducers, a strong evolution of simulation and analysis features with the TFM technique (Total Focusing Method), the capability to simulate the Pulsed Eddy Current technique, new reconstruction algorithms in computed tomography, enhanced performance for parametric and POD studies thanks to the implementation of a metamodel approach, and much more.

More details about this product can be found on the official website of EXTENDE company, First developed for  use in the nuclear sector, CIVA simulation software is now used by more than 200 companies around the word in fields ranging from oil and gas, aeronautics, defense to the railway sector, and of course NDT companies.