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Magnaflux is a global leader in nondestructive testing solutions. For over 85 years, Magnaflux has partnered with manufacturers, test labs and field inspectors to make the world a safer place. Our customers trust us to provide them with a full range of unparalleled products and services to ensure the very best quality control for their most critical components. Our uncompromising stance on safety and performance is what sets us apart, and why generations of NDT professionals continue to rely on us.

Magnaflux can help you with complete penetrant and magnetic particle testing solutions, couplants for ultrasonic testing, aerospace-approved aqueous cleaners, and process compensated resonant inspection systems.

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Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnetic Particle Inspection Consumables

Improve your magnetic particle inspection with Magnaflux fluorescent powders, visible and colored magnetic particles, carrier liquid, contrast aid paint and other products for mag particle testing.

Find out more about Magnaflux’s reliable and tested magnetic particle products for wet-method and dry-method MPI and MT magnetic particle testing.

  • Fluorescent Magnetic Particles
  • Colored Particles for Wet Method
  • Colored Particles for Dry Method
  • Suspension Vehicle
  • Contrast Paint
  • Water Additives
UV Lamps for Non-Destructive Testing


For NDT professionals who want to use UV technology developed exclusively for nondestructive testing, Magnaflux UV lamps and LED UV lights for non-destructive examinations will help you find indications faster and more reliably.

Stationary UV Lamps

ST700 - New!
Stationary flood LED UV lamp gives overhead black light for fluorescent NDT inspections

Hand-Held UV Lamps

Portable, handheld LED UV lamp for black light inspection during fluorescent PT or MT testing

High-intensity, dual-light LED UV lamp for black light inspection during fluorescent NDT
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UV Lamp Kits

EV6000 MG Kit
Hand-held LED UV lamp and 14AM Aerosol for portable fluorescent mag particle testing for job sites and field inspections

EV6000 ZP Kit
Hand-held LED UV lamp with ZL-27A and ZP-9F for portable fluorescent liquid penetrant testing for job sites and field inspections

UV Lamp Accessories

NDT Light Meters
UV-A Meter and Visible Light Meter for measuring UV-A black light and visible white light

UV Lamp Mounting Adapters
Mounting hardware and accessories to mount and position UV lamp black lights during fluorescent non-destructive testing

Ultrasonic Testing Couplant

NDT technicians trust Magnaflux to supply couplant for ultrasonic testing that enhance sound transmission from the transducer to the test part to produce reliable non-destructive inspection results in flaw detection, thickness gauging, flow metering and acoustic emission testing.

General Purpose Couplants

Ultragel II
Industry-leading, high-performance ultrasonic couplant for flaw detection and sizing, thickness gauging, flow metering and acoustic emission testing

High-performance, general-purpose ultrasonic couplant for flaw detection and sizing, thickness gauging, flow metering and acoustic emission testing

An economical couplant for flaw detection, sizing and thickness gauging where salt cake or metal corrosion salts are present

General-purpose, glycerin-free ultrasonic couplant for flaw detection and thickness gauging applications, available in two viscosities

High-value, general-purpose, medium-thick gel ultrasonic couplant for flaw detection, flaw sizing and thickness gauging applications

UT-X Powder
Cost-effective couplant powder for flaw detection and thickness gaging applications with ferrous corrosion inhibition.

Sonoglide FE
Very high-performance couplant with extra corrosion protection for ferrous, operating temperature range is -60 to 250°F / -51 to 121°C

Sonoglide UP
Ultra-pure, very high-performance couplant is compatible with titanium, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, plastics, magnesium alloys and most composites

High Temperature Couplants

Sono 600
Multi-purpose couplant with a wide temperature range for flaw detection, thickness gauging and acoustic emission testing from 0 to 700°F / -18 to 371°C

Sono 1100
High-temperature couplant for thickness gauging ultrasonic inspections reaching from 700 to 775°F / 371 to 413°C

Sono 900
A thick, gritty, stay-in-place couplant paste for high temperature thickness gauging and corrosion testing from 600 to 680°F / 316 to 360°C

A wide temperature range couplant for thickness gauging, flow metering, acoustic emissions testing and flaw detection/sizing at -50 to 805°F / -45 to 429°C

Sono 950
High-temperature couplant for thickness gauging applications ranging from 600 to 780°F / 316 to 404°C

Specialty Couplants

High Z
A high acoustic impedance couplants to reduce surface noise and improve coupling performance on curved, rough, pitted and corroded surfaces

Shear Gel
Shear-wave couplant to provide coupling for shear waves generated by normal incidence (zero degrees) shear wave transducers

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