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06 Jun

LP180SR and Lizard Dive System – The Solution for Robotically Deployed Lizard FGI Technology (incorporating AC Field Measurement) for Complex Geometries (Subsea)

Lizard NDE Ltd has been busy developing world beating subsea inspection technology and we are very pleased to announce that for 2018, we are ready to provide the international NDT market with the best technology available for subsea campaigns. Designed for the detection of surface and near surface breaking fatigue cracking whilst retaining maximum flexibility clarity of data, the LP180SR probe array and the latest Lizard Dive System provide the complete set of electro-magnetic application techniques needed by the system operator.

The use of a ‘tool box’ of electromagnetic techniques provided for by the Lizard FGI proprietary technology allows Lizard operators to consider signal responses from Bx/Bz data sets that are not always catered for in other technologies of the type. Lizard operators are provided with a multitude of accurate signal response options within the various Lizard software modes as both detection and analysis aids. These include but are not limited to AC Field Measurement, phase plane, C Scan Colour mapping and 3 Dimensional displays.

Designed and developed for the harshest environments and most difficult geometries, the LP180SR and Lizard Dive system provides for multichannel, switchable sensors that are able to distinguish, detect and categorise defect events without the requirement to remove protective coatings from the structure, vessel or application piece. Therefore the Lizard system is used to accurately assess structural integrity of high value assets.

One aspect of this data set, known as ‘Lift Off’, allows the Lizard FGI technology sensor array to operate at a distance from the conductive piece. The powerful ability to be able to monitor sensor coupling of both distance and tilt with an 8mm tolerance in both real time and post-acquisition provided for by the LP180SR allows users to be fully confident in the data acquired from the Lizard sensor to the application.

In addition, the latest Lizard software and Dive system package allows for the acquisition phase to be largely independent of scan speed, therefore allowing system operators to concentrate instead on coupling control using the Lizard ‘Lift Off’ indicators to ensure accurate results every time.
We pride ourselves not only on supplying excellent technology and support, but as Lizard NDE do not operate a software licensing program, updates become available to registered Lizard owners without further commitment. In addition, Lizard NDE do not operate a service operation and therefore clients can be absolutely assured that we have their best interests in mind as a supplier, not competitor.
The option the NDT market has waited so long for has now arrived, and is being provided by Lizard NDE Ltd. Contact us now to be ahead of the curve with the latest innovation from Lizard!

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