06 Aug

Unique Features and Benefits of the LIMBOTOFD® :

  • Low Profile – Only 10mm high allowing easy access to previously inaccessible areas which are currently untestable using conventional TOFD transducers
  • Reduces inspection cost – No need to implement other possibly disruptive inspection methods such as Radiography
  • High signal to noise – Single cycle responsiveness using 15 MHz
  • Integral Wedge – Unique patent pending design providing convenient use without the need to change wedges and the assurance of the transducer/wedge couplant film.
  • Increases productivity – With conventional TOFD, losing a transducer results in the loss of the use of the dependent wedges and forcing the inspection to stop, LIMBO® TOFD eliminates this risk.

Applications for the LIMBO® TOFD

  • 100% TOFD Inspection on flanges.
  • Boiler tube TOFD inspection.
  • Restricted areas that have clearance issues of 10mm and above.
  • ALL makes of scanner adaptors available upon request.
  • Available in LARGER sizes.


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