ARTIO: The World’s First Data-Logging Wireless Ultrasonic Inspection System For Your Smartphone.

We are proud to announce ARTIO; the world’s first data-logging wireless ultrasonic inspection system for your smartphone.
ARTIO reimagines corrosion assessment, giving you powerful tools, clear imaging, ease of data management and flexibility in a simple, compact device.
ARTIO is a compact, battery powered wireless inspection system that can be worn on a belt or harness pouch, or mounted on a scanner or fixed location. The powerful hardware unit interfaces with the smartphone app, giving the user fast acquisition, processing and reporting tools.
No more horrible keypads, convoluted menus or USB cables with cumbersome download software.
With ARTIO, you now have the ability to;

  • Easily setup surveys and record data directly to the database or cloud
  • Share and backup your data directly from the inspection location
  • Attach locations and images directly to each inspection
  • Record data remotely by rope access, remote scanners or from outside dangerous areas
  • Perform linear scans with fluid imaging
  • Flexibility to move freely on ropes, in confined spaces and on scaffolds and platforms

UT Quality B.V., a driving force in Europe’s power-generation inspection sector, has adopted ARTIO in an advanced release deal that sees the company become the first globally to implement the technology.

“We see ARTIO as a key tool in our service package,” said Rene Bezemer, Director of UT Quality B.V. “Saving man-hours and ensuring data quality are top priorities for our customers. Using this tool on our last project we saw a definite increase in efficiency, our teams just like using it. The only problem is other workers stopping our teams and asking to see what it is!”.
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