Eddy Current Instrument (ECIS-CC-20)

TecScan’s ECIS-CC-20 eddy current instrument designed to be fully integrated to automated system. The instrument is available as a desktop and rack mount instrument and designed to be easily integrated in systems for Automated Testing of complex parts.

The ECIS-CC-20 is fully digital eddy current instrument and computer-controlled, with 1-8 multiplexed frequency channels. ECIS-CC-20 represents an integrated computer control, multi-frequency and fully digital eddy current instrument. With its advanced digital design, the instrument operates at very stable time-base which is combined with the high frequency converters allowing eddy current testing at high frequencies while providing the stable signal processing results. It works with our TecView™ EC software for manual and advanced automated non-destructive testing. The ECIS-CC-20 is designed with applicability in mind, with specifications that can meet the most challenging automated testing applications.

Source: https://www.tecscan.ca/instruments/eddy-current/

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