Optional MPI Equipment Add-on for Wet Bench Mag Particle Machines.


Improves quality control traceability

  • Enhances quality control reporting capabilities, including part-by-part traceability
  • Network database access allows for plant-to-plant consistency for global locations
  • Reduces dependency on manual recording keeping for safer, more reliable trackability
Minimizes time to process parts
  • Eliminates the need for manual record keeping in the mag particle inspection process
  • Electronically access your part-specific technique sheets on screen to minimize time away from the machine
  • Speeds up inspection process by automating part entry and test parameter selection
Minimizes operator error
  • Reduces human error and inconsistencies by eliminating manual test parameter entry or selection
  • LCD screen on the barcode scanner for automatic data verification
  • Multiple levels of user-controlled access for a range of operator experience levels
  • Electronic database tracking reduces the need for operators to manually record inspection data
Long-term cost savings
  • Save up to 5-10 minutes per job by automating non-valued added tasks like manual record keeping, locating the technique sheet for the part and entering in all the correct inspection parameters
  • Reduce in-plant bottle-necks caused by magnetic particle inspection
  • Operators spend less time on paperwork and housekeeping so they can spend more time inspecting parts


  • Resistive 12.1 in / 30.7 cm touch screen UI operator interface with Microsoft Windows 7 Pro and 64 GB of storage space
  • Microsoft SQL Server Express database
  • Network capable – Ethernet or wireless
  • Wireless barcode scanner
  • System performance records for UV light, bath concentration, etc.
  • 1,000 customer-programmable testing techniques
  • 100 programmable user profiles to control access

Source: https://magnaflux.com/Magnaflux/Products/Magnetic-Particle-Inspection/Equipment/Database-System?utm_source=home-page&utm_medium=us-website&utm_campaign=db-system-launch&utm_content=hero-image

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