Predictive 3D Radiography.

LynX Inspection is developing a game-changing machine vision solution for parts manufacturers that not only is fast and easy to use, but is also affordable, easy to automate and ready for Industry 4.0. This solution is based on a proprietary method (patent pending) that we refer to as Predictive 3D Radiography. This new method combines digital X-ray imagery with computer vision and 3D simulation. It fully exploits X-ray Physics and known information about the object and its environment to complement the data extracted from hundred of sequential X-ray images captured in just a few seconds. Defects are found and analyzed by comparing features in the X-ray images with the expected results from a corresponding sequence of simulated images.

The solution provides 3D inspection results that are equivalent to Computed Tomography (CT) but in a process that is about 20X faster and with an equipment that is typically 4X cheaper. For large quantities, labor costs can be more than 10X cheaper than what they would be for a traditional X-ray inspection process.

Our inspection solution is quite flexible. Our primary focus at the moment is for manufactured precision parts that are less than 30 cm in length, but future version will be able to handle much larger components, such as helicopter blades and driving shafts. We also plan to develop inline solutions for high volume production capabilities that will be able to radiographically inspect parts in full 3D with a real time throughput of more than 100 items per minute. All these solutions fulfill a capability gap in the industry as they provide the means for manufacturer to perform a full 3D inner and outer structure inspection at higher speed and lower cost than anything else on the market.


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