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Eddyfi, an Eddyfi Technologies brand, focuses on high-performance, advanced eddy current and electromagnetic solutions for critical component and asset inspection. They are the industry’s best performing and most reliable test instruments, acquisition and analysis software, as well as standard and—more importantly—specialized surface array and tubing probes. Eddyfi products aim to push the limits of electromagnetic testing to new heights.

About Eddyfi Technologies

Eddyfi Technologies maximizes the potential of multiple advanced NDT inspection technologies. It focuses on offering high-performance NDT solutions for the inspection of critical components and assets through its complementary brands and product lines: Eddyfi, M2M, Silverwing, Teletest, and TSC. Eddyfi Technologies serves customers in more than 80 countries in such major industries as power generation, oil & gas, aerospace, and manufacturing. The group employs more than 320 people and leverages nine centers of excellence and sales offices worldwide, all staffed by NDT experts.

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Lyft—Pulsed Eddy Current Reinvented

PEC Reinvented—CUI Programs Redefined

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is possibly the greatest unresolved asset integrity problem in the industry. Current methods for measuring wall thickness over insulation (liftoff) without removing it all have severe limitations. Lyft is a high-performance solution reinventing pulsed eddy current (PEC). The patent-pending Eddyfi® solution features:

  • State-of-the-art portable instrument
  • Standard pulsed eddy current array (PECA) technology
  • Real-time C-scan imaging
  • Fast data acquisition
  • Grid and dynamic scanning modes

Lyft can scan through thick metal and insulation, as well as aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel weather jackets. It also benefits from a range of PECA, single-element PEC, and application- specific probes to support various applications. Who else but Eddyfi to reinvent an eddy current technique and redefine CUI programs. Got Lyft?

Reddy for Surfaces—Turnkey Eddy Current Array Made Portable

In our quest to make eddy current array (ECA) a truly universal and easy-to-use surface inspection method, we introduce the next step in the evolution of surface ECA: Reddy, which is designed to meet the unique in-service needs of the oil & gas, power generation, and aerospace industries.

When you combine Reddy’s portability with Eddyfi’s standard ECA, tangential ECA (TECA), and/or custom probes, you unlock the power of the first true standard system for ECA surface inspection.

Reddy for Tubing—The First Portable System for AC and ECT Tubing Inspection

Eddyfi Reddy for tubing is the solution designed to replace the wide range of aging ECT instruments for air-conditioner and ECT tubing inspections. Reddy supports all AC and ECT probes currently on the market without adapters or reference probes to balance the absolute channel. No other portable system is battery-operated or sealed, or features a bright display, automated acquisition sequences, or an analysis software for on-the-fly reporting.

Since air conditioners are similar to small heat exchangers (HX) in terms of number of tubes, they benefit greatly from the portability and minimal setup time provided by Reddy. Larger HX—generating massive amounts of data and requiring other inspection techniques (such as ECA, RFT, NFT, NFA, MFL, and IRIS)—are still, however, better served by a larger, multi-technology tester such as Eddyfi Ectane coupled to a laptop computer for optimal data visualization and file management.

Ectane 2—A Proven Success. Made Better.

With several hundred units in the field, Eddyfi Ectane has become the most popular multi-technology test instrument on the market. It’s time for the next generation — Eddyfi Ectane 2.

Portability and Autonomy

The Ectane 2 test instrument is approximately 10 L (688 in3) in volume and weighs in at 6.8 kg (15 lb), making it about three times more compact than other legacy test instruments. Ectane 2 is therefore easy to carry beyond being rugged. The instrument is also battery powered — 8 hours of autonomy eliminates the need for an external power source.

Built-In Technological Versatility

Non-destructive testing of tubing and surfaces relies on a number of techniques, which often depend on the application and the materials involved. Use the Ectane 2s built-in capabilities with almost any combination of the following testing technologies, according to your needs:

  • Eddy current testing (ECT)
  • Eddy current array (ECA)
  • Tangential eddy current array (TECA™)
  • Remote-field testing (RFT)
  • Near-field testing (NFT)
  • Near-field array (NFA)
  • Magnetic flux leakage (MFL)
  • Internal rotating inspection system (IRIS) ultrasonic testing

Whatever the technology, Ectane 2 can drive it without external boxes or clumsy connections.

Ectane 2 can also drive partial saturation ECT probes and magnetic bias ECT probes with its onboard current source, and RPC probes with its motor drive.

Superior Connectivity 

BootP has always proven to be extremely cryptic and notoriously difficult to use. Ectane 2 is designed to be plugged into your network and simply work. There’s no longer any need for BootP, which means you can be up and running in next to no time.

Advanced Data Analysis and Reporting Software

Using Ectane 2 with Eddyfi Magnifi and TubePro makes your tubing data acquisition, analysis, and reporting easier than ever before. The setup and tube list wizards enable you to instantly build and acquire your tube bundle. At the same pace, you can run the assisted data analysis feature to deliver high-quality reports including all the 2D and 3D tube mapping and all the required information.

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