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We’re about so much more than just hiring and selling top quality technical equipment.

Our flexible, solutions-driven approach helps our customers make smarter and more profitable business decisions of their own.  When they choose Nexxis as their technical equipment supplier, they enter into a value-driven partnership which enables them to achieve better outcomes for their business and their own clients too.

At the heart of our operation is the supply of an extensive range of leading-edge inspection, testing and measuring equipment for a variety of applications including offshore oil rigs, subsea installations, engines, machinery, mining operations, infrastructure projects and manufacturing processes.   All these products are available for hire, lease or purchase.
We know from experience that industrial projects are fluid and that requirements change all the time.  We also know that our customers’ circumstances are constantly changing and that they need rapid and practical responses.  That’s where our ‘flexible adaptability’ gives our customers a distinct competitive advantage.

Our whole aim is to reduce project downtime so when you buy, lease or hire any of our technical equipment, you enjoy innovative and flexible contract options, the very best and most advanced equipment on the market, highly skilled and experienced technical support and the benefit of our downtime mitigation guarantee.

As a business we keep up with rapidly evolving technological developments and bring you the most advanced equipment in the world with a continually expanding our range to ensure we have the right equipment to suit your needs.

We’re with you all the way. Comprehensive training on all of our products, either at our Perth offices or on-site, ensure that you maximise the benefit of your investment, plus our team of highly skilled and field-trained technicians are available 24/7 for emergency support.

We believe that our genuine solutions-driven approach, flexible financing options, expert advice and the very latest global technologies set Nexxis apart from other technical equipment companies.  We will help you make more profitable business decisions and do the best job possible for your clients.

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Inspection Cameras (RVI)

INVIZ Revolver 80


The Pipe Inspection Camera for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) from 80 mm to 1.000 mm inner pipe diameter. The pipe inspection camera INVIZ® REVOLVER 80 provides a dual camera head (0° and 90° DOV) with endless 360° rotating camera head for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of orbital welds.


Inspection camera with dual camera head (0° and 90° DOV)
Control the Pipe Inspection Camera INVIZ® REVOLVER 80 with two cameras and an endless 360° rotating camera head inside your application. The front view camera (0°) provides excellent orientation for your Remote Visual Inspection (RVI). Scan welds / orbital welds /inner pipe walls with the side view camera (90°). Both cameras have adjustable high power LED illumination, and an additional 10x optical zoom for the side view camera for perfect failure contrast even reflective surfaces like coated or electro polished food grade tubes.



Endless 360° rotation Precise control of the Pipe Inspection Camera INVIZ® REVOLVER 80 inside your application by joystick. The Panoramic Scan feature scans weld / orbital weld / inner pipe walls for 100% inspection results. Inspect your orbital welds fast and benefit from the additional 10x optical zoom of the side view camera for your Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) documentation.



Auto leveling and position save. Display the current camera position for your documentation. Always maintain an overview during your Remote Visual Inspection (RVI). The Auto Leveling function ensures correct positioning of the Pipe Inspection Camera INVIZ® REVOLVER 80. Benefit from the Position Save function for easy entries without re-searching significant positions during repetitive Remote Visual Inspections (RVI).



Documentation system INVIZ® MATRIX Operate the Pipe Inspection Camera INVIZ® REVOLVER 80 via documentation system INVIZ® MATRIX. With up to 200 m working length, the Pipe Inspection Camera INVIZ® REVOLVER 80 is operated from a remote position, ensuring a save working environment for your personnel. Save and manipulate your Remote Visual Inspection results (images and videos) onto the internal SSD.



Pipe inspection accessory. The wide range of accessories for the Pipe Inspection Camera INVIZ® REVOLVER 80 includes glass fiber push poles, pushing aids, a centering ring, centering fixtures, spare camera heads and further accessory for your Remote Visual Inspection (RVI).



Our extensive array of technologically advanced yet durable borescopes and videoscopes capture real-time still or video views inside voids or enclosed structures and are suitable for a wide range of applications.  The innovative design, exceptional clarity, high-precision optics and feature-rich construction of the XLG3, XLGo+, XLvu and the Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe enable a variety of imaging and measurement options, all enhanced by easy-to-use intuitive software for optimum data management and analysis. We also offer borescope rental and videoscope rental for an alternative to outright purchase.

MVIQ Videoprobe

Suitable for Mentor iQ Touch and Analyse models.
Interchangeable high resolution 4.0 mm, 6.1 mm and 8.4 mm diameter probes available in multiple lengths to suit a variety of industries and applications
Full tip optic interchangeability with secure double threads.
Specialty and custom probes also available, including 6.2 mm working channel and longsteer options
High intensity LED light source and advanced processing for improved image brightness
Insertion tube markings for easy setup and reference

Videoscope VUCAM XO

The robust videoscope with an up to 130° articulating video probe and high power LED illumination for industrial Remote Visual Inspection (RVI). The videoscope VUCAM® XO provides you with a precise touch screen and a modern graphic user interface. With backbuffer recording, you won’t miss any important inspection detail. When passing the important spot, you don’t need to re-enter the application and search. Videoscope VUCAM® XO is recording the last 15 seconds of your Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) by activating and stopping the recording. Save time on your videoscopy. The smart data management and the robust video probe of the videoscope VUCAM® XO are enabling easy Visual Testing (VT).


Precise touch screen and modern GUI. High resolution 5.7″ touch screen with LED backlight illumination and 640 x 400 px image resolution, easy graphic user interface and smart data management. The trans-reflective, free tilt display can be operated with working gloves.


Digital documentation via touch screen and fast access buttons. Don’t miss important inspection details. Don’t start searching. Activate backbuffer recording and save the last 15 seconds of inspection as digital video data. Images and videos are stored to an external SD card for fast result processing. The videoscope VUCAM® XO enables the data recall of the last saved inspection file.



Robust video probe with up to 130° videoscope articulation. The robust 6 mm video probe of the videoscope VUCAM® XO enables safe Remote Visual Inspections (RVI) in harsh industrial environment. The videoscope VUCAM XO provides best illumination due to the high power LED light source. Probe articulation up to 130° and the range of working lengths from 2,2 m to 6,6 m provide access to all areas of your application.



Robust videoscope construction for the industry. The robust carbon construction with bumper protector and the aluminium handle with fast access buttons are designed for industrial environment. The videoscope VUCAM® XO provides independent Remote Visual Inspections (RVI) with its battery operation.

INVIZ® VUMAN® RA-Y Videoscope

*Extended inspection software. Extend your video endoscope INVIZ® VUMAN® RA-Y with individual software kits for your Remote Visual Inspection (RVI). Save your inspection data (images and videos) onto the internal SSD and start measurements with the additional measurement function.

 *WIDE APPLICATION RANGE: High end INVIZ® video endoscope probes. Benefit from the patented Remote Focus for always focused inspection results. The new high power dual LED light source provides perfect illumination with the video endoscope’s two separately adjustable light outputs.

*CONSTRUCTED FOR THE INDUSTRY: The high end video endoscope for industrial Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) The robust and compact Carbon construction and the patented drum storage enable easy handling and a clean working environment. The video endoscope provides the X-WAY video endoscope articulation without external air supply.

*FLEXIBILITY ON-SITE: Interchangeable INVIZ® video probes. The video endoscope INVIZ® VUMAN® RA-Y enables easy and quick probe changes on-site with its INVIZ® interchangeable video probes. Different inspection requirements demand the operation of various video endoscope probes. Benefit from the wide range of INVIZ® interchangeable video probes from 6,4 mm to 12,7 mm diameter and working lengths from 5 m to 30 m.

Long Term Leasing

Today’s economic climate is tough. Investment in Greenfields projects and infrastructure has slowed, austerity measures have been implemented across industries and we’re all trying to achieve more with spending less.

For these reasons we’re still surprised at the lack of understanding of all the financial benefits of leasing equipment like our Inspection Cameras (RVI) and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment rental and our very popular borescope rental.

Leasing immediately relieves pressure on CAPEX budgets, moving items to OPEX and with it, enabling greater tax benefits and cash liquidity.
When we discuss financing options with clients, it’s natural that those who are new to leasing are someone reluctant to change their ways.
But understanding their concerns and helping them overcome their objections helps them take advantage of all the benefits.
The following are common objections we hear from clients about leasing equipment. Also outlined is our typical response that helps educate them on the process and its benefits.
To find out more about long term leasing options on our RVI and NDT rental equipment, contact us today.

Rent to Own

Rent to own is a cost-effective way to get brand new and latest inspection cameras (RVI) and non destructive testing (NDT) equipment without investing huge amounts of money to buy it, and a chance to try your equipment out for 12 months to make sure it is right for your business needs. Then after the 12 months, you have the option to buy at a reduced cost, or upgrade to the latest equipment. Rent-to-own gives you a chance to try your equipment before buying to make sure it’s right for your business needs.

Contact us to see how cost-effective it is for you to have the latest RVI and NDT equipment in Australia, including flaw detection equipment, industrial x ray equipment and videoscope rental without any upfront spending.

Short Term Rentals

Need state-of-the-art equipment onsite fast? A short-term rental is a flexible solution to suit your needs.

Gain immediate support to get through peak periods, unexpected projects or when essential equipment breaks down.

Our equipment is available on-demand, while our people, with technical project experience, understand better than anyway your situation and challenges.

We offer the latest technologies and devices from some of industry’s best brands – GE Technologies, Inuktun, Olympus Easy-Laser and more.

We stock state-of-the-art inspection cameras including borescopes, non destructive testing equipment and laser alignment equipment.

And the best part? We deliver to site quickly so you have the best tools available when you need it.
To find out more about borescope rentalRVI and NDT equipment rental, contact us at Nexxis.

Easy Laser E710

With Easy Laser E710 you can rest assured your machinery is precisely aligned and operating at maximum efficiency. Optimal machine alignment eliminates downtime saving you time and money on operations. You’ll also be saving on easily avoidable machine repair and saving big money in energy costs.



  • Every feature and program required for rotating machines
  • Bluetooth connection allows you to move and work freely
  • Endurio Power management system for long operating times
  • Barcode documentation system allows quick work
  • EasyTurn function offers as little as 20° between measuring points
  • Alignment live anywhere around the shaft
  • Easy to use program operates in several languages
  • Expandable technology
Versatrax VT150 Pipe Inspection Systems



  • Long range pipe inspection up to 1km
  • SubSea pipeline Inspections 60m depth rated
  • Pre start-up inspections
  • Culvert Inspections
  • Case Studies and Technical Solutions


  • Modular, versatile, low maintenance internal pipe inspection system
  • Underwater and terrestrial applications for a variety of pipe sizes
  • Suitable for 3600 views and close-ups of pipes from 150mm in diameter upwards
  • Long range inspection capability up to 1000m
  • Total weight 42.5kg (vehicle and camera)
    Waterproof to 60m
  • Can withstand temperatures between 00 and 500C
  • Crawler unit can travel up to 9m per minute
  • High resolution colour camera with auto or manual focus (remote)
  • Camera zoom capability of 40:1 (10x optical, 4x digital)
  • Camera provides high quality video image with pan, tilt and zoom capability
  • Benefits include modular design, precise controls and ease of operation

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